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Since the start in 2015, more than 130 investors and 120 startups have been through the programs all over Norway.
In 2016 alone, 6 Angel Challenge programs in 4 Norwegian cities led to 15 investments of more than 30 million NOK. Se some of the stories in the news-feed

Join as an investors, and do startup investing together

The Angel Challenge community organizes events and programs for investors to learn startup investing together. 

In 2017, more than 100 investors meet regularly in the 4 cities of Norway to discuss and share startup investing expertise. 

Attract investors to your startup

The Angel Challenge community is a leading startup investment community where startups have a high likelyhood of receiving investors. 

The Angel Challenge community invest from 0,5 million NOK, to 5 million NOK in startups from all over the country. 

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Lets do startup investing together! 
Get connected to a large group of likeminded investors, get access to hundreds of new startups, and learn the latest in startup investing from world class experts.



Attract investors to your startup!
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