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On this page you will find:

- The program schedule 

- The materials and homework given to the investors

- The Investor's profile



Tues  20 Mar  19:00 -21:00    Pitch & Q&A Meeting the Investors +  Mingling & Drinks                        

-    Startups invited to OHOI from 17:30-21:00 to do a 1-by-1 15minute pitch and Q&A session with the investor group.

Startups are required to join the evening at the times of their respective session, see times below. You will meet 4 groups with 4 different investors in each for 15minutes. We recommend you use this to pitch and explain demo or show any unanswered questions for the investors. We will provide you with a list of questions to expect, most likely about your market size, product development and scaling etc. 

Investor Session 1- 17:30-18:30

  • ConnedMed
  • Deligate 
  • Diwala
  • Ducky

Investor Session 2 - 18:45-19:45

  • FlowVR
  • Oizom
  • RxAll
  • SceneThere

Investor Session 3 - 20:00-21:00

  • SimbaPay
  • Solatom
  • State of Place



Tues  3  Apr   16:30 - 18:00  - Investor Meetings - Selecting Startups  @ OHOI                             

-   Startups invited to OHOI at 16:30-18:00 for a pitch session (5minutes + 5 mins Q&A) with some mingling and drinks at the end.  

- What to Prepare? Please prepare a presentation, remind the investors of what you are doing (the problem & solution) Market potential, traction and momentum to date, but mainly focussing on the investment opportunity, and what you intend to spend the money on. 

    At the end of the session the investors will discuss and decide on 2-4 startups that they would like to approach with a term-sheet for an investment. 


    Tues  10  Apr 16:00 - 18:00    Workshop 2 - Valuation and term sheet negotiations       -    Startups & Investors

    16:00 - Dinner

    16:45 - The selected startups will sit down with the respective investor syndicate that they have chosen and discuss investment terms with the aim of entering into a termsheet. 

    Following this the investors and the startup will enter into a Due Diligence process, in which the investors or lead investor will come and meet with the team at Katapult during this 2 week break. Then present at the next session. 

    18:00 - Startups go home - 


    Tues  24  Apr 16:00 - 21:00    Workshop 3 - Due Diligence                                              -    Investor's Only

    Be prepared to answer and provide the investors with any missing information during the DD process. 

    Wed  2  May 16:30 - 18:00   Workshop 4 - Presentation of Investment                           -    Startups & Investors

    By this time the startups should have negotiated and be happy with the terms and deal, and the startups will be asked to come in and join the investors for a last session to finalise and agree terms :)



    Mon  14th  May  16:00 - 21:00  Demo Day - Startups present at Future Fest with pre-committed capital from Angel Challenge investors. 




    For March 20th

    Familiarise yourself with the investors bellow and start to build an understanding of any that may be interesting to bring on as an investor. and make an effort to speak with them on the night. 





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    Vegard Skaar Haveland
    +47 45 916 225

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    Matthew Smith