- Creative Industries Edition -

Angel Challenge™ is a 2 month workshop based program for startups and investors wanting to learn how to invest and attract investors to startups. During eight evening sessions, 20 investors work closely together analysing 20 investor-ready startups that are competing for an investment of 1 million NOK. 


The topic of the Creative Industries Edition is initiated by Innovation Norway, and strengthened through a partnership with 657 and Noroff. In addition to our other strong investment and ecosystem partners of DNB, BDO, Zacco and Føyen Torkildesen. Thank you for believing in and supporting the startup and investor ecosystem!

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Learn how to invest in Startups

Meet and learn from experienced investors, while evaluating new startups to find a winning investment together with 20 investors.

During eight weekly evening sessions, learn how to screen startups, manage the due diligence process and close an investment. At the end of the program each investor will have invested 50 000 NOK in the winning startup, and have the knowledge and network to start building an investment portfolio. 

"Angel Challenge is an exciting program to get in touch with the fast-growing startup community.  Angel Challenge is characteristic in that it focuses on both the investors and startups"- Johan Odvar Oddfjell (AC Alumni Investor)

 - Build trusted relationships with 20 investors while learning best practises on startup investing. 


Program Format

• 20 investors and 20 startups
• A 2 month program with 1 evening workshop every week
• 1 startup receives a 1 million NOK investment

Investor participation criteria

• Want to learn about startup investing
• Want to gain access to early stage startups
• 50 000 NOK to invest, and more in the future
• Pay participation fee of NOK 10 000,- eks.mva.

Startup participation criteria

• Startup From the Creative Industries
• Dedicated team (Based in Norway)
• Available to participate in all program activities in Oslo • Expected valuation from 5 to 20 Million NOK

A few Announced Speakers


Jakob Palmers - Founder of Graphiq

When Jakob was 10 years old he lived two months on an abandoned Island and caught a shark with his bare hands. 13 years old he repaired two bicycles and sent them to a girl in Burkina Faso for her to ride to school instead of walking. The happiness of creating has been with him since and today he is a founder of Graphiq - an online platform connecting companies with hand-picked designers. Since starting Graphiq the company has taken part in the first 500Startup accelerator in Norway, featured by Pioneers as one of the 500 most promising startups in Europe, received funding from the Norwegian Research Council and most importantly, served clients such as TINE, Telenor and DNB while contributing to a livelihood for their hand-picked designers. 


Kimberly Larsen - Founder of TimetoRIOT

Kimberly Larsen is a unique media talent, with more than 18 years experience from multiple sides of the creative industry, where she has been an actress, journalist, show host, director, concept developer, script writer, manager, casting agent, producer - and now founder.

Kimberly sees possibilities where others see obstacles, and creates national brands of unknown artists.  She won national and international entrepreneurship awards the year she established her company in London.

Today she runs the hiring platform,, developed specifically for the creative industry.


Erling Maartmann-Moe - Partner at Alliance Venture

Management experience from New Media Science and Cell Network. Applied research experience from the Norwegian Computing Center Co-founder of Alliance Venture in 2001. MSc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo and INSEAD IEP.


- Creative Industries Edition - 

In this Angel Challenge Edition we are giving the Creative Industries some well deserved attention, while also learning all the basics from a standard Angel Challenge program. 

With a growing and vibrant ecosystem of startups and companies all over Norway, the Creative Industries represents one of the most promising new growth industries in the years to come with companies from a wide range of areas.

- advertising, media, computer games, art, architecture, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, TV and radio, education. 

We invite the best Creative Industry startups, knowledge experts and Investors from all over Norway to travel to Oslo and join us for the program.

Meet and learn from experienced investors, while evaluating new startups to find a winning investment together with 20 investors. 

  • Build trusted relationships with 20 investors
  • Learn best practises on startup investing
  • Get insight into the future possibilities of the Creative Industries


Program: Fall 2017

Startup Application Deadline: September 29th

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Angel Challenge is the leading Norwegian investment community, running training programs, seminars and events for investors and startups to share best practice, network and startup deal flow. 

Angel Challenge was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs and investors with a mission to engage more angel investors and increase startups investor readiness.