The Angel Challenge Program is a two-month training program for investors and startups. 

Through weekly evening sessions, 20 investors work closely together challenging 20 ambitious startups to become investor ready growth companies and invest together in one or more by the end of the program.
The participating investors, both experienced and new to angel investing, set aside 50 000 NOK each upon entering the challenge. During the program they work together in groups, selecting and helping the startups become investor ready, before selecting 3-5 startups that they negotiate deals with and help fundraise. 


Investor participation criteria:

Startup participation criteria:

  • A dedicated team with growth ambitions 
  • Can show some validation in their market
  • An early version of a product or service
  • Registered company
  • Available to participate in program activities
  • Want to become an impactful startup investor
  • Want to share experiences on Angel Investing in Norway
  • Have 50 000 NOK to invest, and more in the future
  • Want to gain access to early stage startups
  • Available to participate in the program activities

The stages of an Angel Challenge program


It´s all in the preparations

Startups are created with joy, sweat and tears. Nothing comes without hard work. The only promise we can make is that you will be challenged, energised and meet a lot of new inspiring people.

Maximize the effect of the time through the program by preparing to the assignments you receive. 


Know the startups

Investing in startups is high risk, and your biggest asset is your people skills. Do these founders have what it takes to transform their startup into a winning business in the future? 

Start early when studying these startups to feel their energy and value creation potential.


Screenshot 2018-08-23 15.33.45.png
Screenshot 2018-08-23 15.33.55.png

Let’s get to know each-other and learn together

During the first 6 weeks of the program, all investors and startups spend time together, learning about startup investing through weekly training sessions.

With teamwork, homework, lectures and presentations the investors and startups learn together, build trusted relationships, and build investor ready startups.


Investors invest in startups they know, and those who create value over time

By challenging the startups through workshops and assignments, the investors get a true sense of how the startups work and create value over time. In the end, the investors select their favourites that are invited into further negotiations. 



Negotiate a deal, or growh your business

After the first 6 weeks, the 3-5 most investor-ready startups are invited to join in investment negotiations. The others receive individual growth challenges from the investors, structured training workshops with mentors and facilitators, and have the opportunity to impress again at the local demo day. 

Screenshot 2018-08-24 09.53.10.png

Build and negotiate a fair deal

Investors and selected startups work together to build real-life investment deals and prepare the startups for actual fundraising. In the end, the investors are challenged to commit, to one, many or all their favourites.

Screenshot 2018-08-24 15.07.54.png

Always be fundraising

Some say there is a recipie for building a growth company, and that it involves investors at some point in time. For some that time is today, for other it is later. The challenge is on you to grow your startup and fundraise when ready!

Fundraise for your startups

An active startup investor helps the startups with knowledge, network, and capital. Open your network and help your favourite startup get the funds they need for their mission to build an industry leader of tomorrow.