The 5 first Angel Challenge finalists

Less than 9 hours until the Finale, and need we say we are excited?Today, 1 startup will receive an investment of 1,3 million NOK and a rock solid group of investors with a wealth of experience backing them.If you´re still not quite sure about who the final 5 startups are and what they do, here is a quick overview.



Socius is a new content provider for publishers to tell stories using social media. Socius allows publishers to be #everywhere and cover any topic, seamlessly on their properties. Among their customers are publishers Condè Nast in the US, and Germany-based Axel Springer.



Konsus makes outsourcing of simple but time-consuming office tasks simple for companies and allow companies to spend time on their core competencies.

With top international freelancers in its cloud-based portfolio Konsus is able to deliver top results at a fifth of the local agency price. Since the launch in June they have seen a doubling of turnover each month.


Vio Media

Vio is the “Netflix for Magazines”, giving you access to articles from a the best magazines in one central place. Tailored content will be highlighted based on your interest and your reading habits.

Currently in a closed Beta with a number of publishers including Egmont and Aller. is a social live streaming platform that offers artists a new way of communicating directly with their fans. In addition to streaming concerts, allows artists to engage their fans through live streaming of studio sessions, Q&As and exclusive backstage sessions. This engagement increases sales of merchendise and concert tickets.

Among their users are artists such as Bendik, Kakkmaddafakka  and Casa Murilo.



Systemapic is an online portal for quick and efficient management of geographical data in a secure environment. Their solution is time- and cost-efficient for businesses working with geographical (GIS) data, and drastically simplifies the workflow from raw data to a published map.

The Program of the Night

100+ people have been invited, among these experienced investors and promising startups, for a night of celebration. And we promise that there will be some exciting announcements regarding the plans for the future! Stay tuned for more news.


1750-1800 Doors open

1805-1840 The Angel Challenge story

1840-1900 Pause

1900-1930 Keynote: Claes Mikko Nilsen, Finnish Business Angel Network,  FINBAN

1930-1945 Pause

1945-2030 Startup pitching + Q&A

2030-2100 Pause - Investors choose the winner

2100-2115 Announcement of Angel Challenge winner 2015

2130-230 Bar & DJ


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