Angel Challenge status update

Angel Challenge has attracted more positive attention than we ever expected, and we are enormously excited to kick it off with the first workshops just weeks from now.


20 investors have signed up

20 investors have signed, securing the 1 million NOK investment! And it is an amazing group of investors too, with very diverse backgrounds and expertise. 

  • Industry leaders for companies with hundreds of employees
  • Venture capital veterans with decades of experience
  • And several successful serial entrepreneurs with plenty of exits in their backpacks

Naming a few

  • Thomas Berglund - Serial Entrepreneur
  • Bjørn Christensen - Venture Capital Veteran
  • Kim Daniel Arthur - Serial Entrepreneur
  • Benjamin Sommer - Active Angel Investor
  • Grethe Viksaas - Entrepreneur and Industry Leader
  • Ståle Løvbukten - Serial Entrepreneur
  • ... and many more to be announced.


One week until the application deadline

The interest from startups has been enormously positive, and we are excited to see all the applications as they have started coming in towards the deadline next week.

All applications will be available to the entire investor group, so you should send your slide-deck even if you might not be ready for an investment yet. Maybe some investors recognise you the next time you meet them, such as the final pitch day December 1st.

Application deadline is Wednesday September 23rd at night. Please make sure you have received an confirmation email within September 24th. We will start reading the next day and answer by the 10th of October at the latest.


The program is getting together

Pitching days

On October 21st and 22nd we are inviting the 20 select startups and the 20 investors to take part in two intensive Angel Challenge Investment days. Prepare your slide deck, expect to answer some really hard questions, and don't make other plans for the night in between.


The 5 select startups and 20 investors are invited to 5 evening workshops where they will have the chance to learn about angel investing in detail. We have invited leading experts to lecture on important topics to understand for a successful entrepreneur and investor.

  1. Numbers behind a successful investment

  2. Value drivers for a growth company

  3. Investment ABC from a practical and legal view

  4. Valuation and portfolio management

  5. How to exit your company


A full program will be posted on the Angel Challenge webpages soon.


Good luck with finishing your application, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Read more and apply here

Knut Wien
Angel Challenge Manager

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