Angel Challenge applicant Hubro Education receives a 2 million NOK investment

Hubro Education received a 2 million NOK investment from 5 Angel Challenge Alumni investors. 

In the Angel Challenge 2015 program Hubro Education was selected to present as one of 10 startups at day two. But even though they did a great presentation, they were not selected amongst the 5 finalists and had to travel back home knowing that the chance for the 1.3 million NOK investment was lost. 

But even though they lost, many of the Angel Challenge investors in the audience really wanted them to be amongst the 5 finalists. It was just not enough in the democratic vote process. 

So a few days later a group of the investors called up the Startup CEO and told them that they were interested in talking about investing. 

Read the full story in DN. 

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Knut WienComment