Angel Challenge is awarded best Norwegian Accelerator program of 2016!

Angel Challenge is awarded best Norwegian Accelerator program of 2016!

What an Honour. Thank you everyone, judges and crowd for awarding us and the investors in Angel Challenge with the price for the best Norwegian Accelerator Program of 2016. 

When we started Angel Challenge in the fall 2015, the goal was to engage more investor to get their hands into Startup Investing. That it would also turn out to be an amazing accelerator program for the Startups taking part in the program was a positive effect we had not anticipating.

But in retrospect it is not that hard to understand, and it is all thanks to the investors participating in every program. As the investors sign up with a fixed investment amount before they have selected a winner, it is in all their interest that the startups get good as possible. The investors help the startups on their way, taking them apart by asking all the hard questions, and helping them change directions and focus their energy on what is truly important for success. 

In reality we have 20+ strong mentors in every program, helping and guiding the startups to get better and position themselves for future growth. 

Therefor, this price goes to all the investors in the program. Thank you for taking an active part in creating a stronger startup ecosystem by passing on your knowledge to the next startups in line for success. 

- Knut Wien, CEO Angel Challenge

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