Angel Challenge receives 8 million NOK to match investments

Angel Challenge receives 8 million NOK in investment capital to match investments

 The Norwegian Government with Innovation Norway has made available 100 Million NOK in matching capital to match investments in Norwegian Startups. Angel Challenge receives 8 Million.  
- Read the Press Release from Innovation Norway here - 

"We in Angel Challenge are extremely honoured to be appointed 8 million NOK of this capital to match investments made by the investors in our community. " - Knut Wien, Angel Challenge CEO

18 investment communities were appointed capital

The 100 million NOK will have to be matched by at least 200 million NOK by private investors before invested in a startup. These 18 communities will be facilitating the matchmaking and enabling the investments. 

 List from E24  - Read Article here 

List from E24  - Read Article here 


Will be matching investments from the Angel Challenge program and Angel Challenge Alumni

The 8 million NOK will be used to match investments made through the future Angel Challenge Programs where 1 winner receives 1 million NOK from 20 investors. This might be matched with up to 1 million NOK, resulting in a total investment of up to 2 million NOK. 

It will also be available to the investors from Angel Challenge Alumni. They can apply to match group investments with three or more investors. 

More details on the prosess will be released soon.


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