Open Position: Investment Program Manager @ Angel Challenge

Open Position:  Investment Program Manager @ Angel Challenge

Company: Angel Challenge
Job Title: Program Manager
Employee Type: Full-Time
Location: Oslo, Norway
Start Date: Q1 2017 (or earlier)
Send application and CV to:
Applications Close: October 1st 2016

About Angel Challenge
Angel Challenge is a workshop based program for Angel Investors and Startups. For two months, twenty Angel Investors work together on investor analysis of a handful promising startups. The startups are competing for their attention and final investment of 1 million NOK+.

We believe that an active and visible investment community is a vital part of a strong startup ecosystem. By activating more angel investors, making the investments more visible, and making more startups investable, we aim to create a stronger startup scene and help lay the stepping stones for new successful entrepreneurial stories from our community.

Angel Challenge is a part of a greater network and team under the umbrella Startup Norway. Startup Norway are working with Angel Challenge, Startup Extreme and OHOI - Oslo House of Innovation (a new startup-investor space opening October 20th). You will be part of this team.

Angel Challenge facts

  • Since we started in 2016, AC has trained 75 investors that has invested in the winning startups.
  • Since the end of 2016 we will have more than 120 activated investors in the AC Alumni Network.
  • More than 8 investments have been done in and after the programs by the investor group.
  • AC was awarded best Norwegian accelerator program in Nordic Startup Awards 2016
  • AC has been granted 8 MNOK from Presåkorn fond to invest alongside the program to make it even more attractive for investors as well as startups

Job Title: Program Manager

Do you have a passion for startups? Are you up for the challenge of activating angel investors in Norway? Do you love to help and impact others in a serious, but fun environment? Are you comfortable on a small stage and get energy from helping others? If you can relate to any of these - Then we have the job for you!

The Program Manager will start as responsible for running some of the Angel Challenge programs in Norway. This opportunity requires high visibility and responsibility as the Program Manager will host the programs for groups of investors.

The Program Manager is responsible for operations, and the execution of the programs from the beginning to end together with the AC team. We are looking for a Program Manager to grow with Angel Challenge, potentially in the future as a global organization.

When the programs aren’t running the program manager have responsibilities/objectives that benefit the entire Startup Norway ecosystem. This could be everything from helping out arranging Startup Extreme, advancing the offering to Angel Challenge Alumni, or create investor related activities at OHOI.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Run several Angel Challenge programs a year. This requires traveling on an average of two evenings a week
  • Manage relationships and communication with investors, and coordinate the investor group
  • Coordinate program-activities, meetings and events
  • Manage relationships with strategic partners of Angel Challenge
  • Recruit startups, evaluate and structure applications, and startup selection
  • Be a representative of Angel Challenge in the community


  • Great written communicator in both English and Norwegian
  • Good group facilitation skills
  • Minimum 2-5 years work experience
  • Comfortable with a minimal amount of direction but high expectations
  • Proven track-record as an independent and responsible doer through prior experience
  • Comfortable with a variety of responsibilities – The Program Manager makes investments and wipe down tables
  • You work for the mission, not for counting work-hours

Bonus qualifications:

  • Credible background experience towards investors
  • Proven interest and competence around startups/ investments/ venture capital etc
  • Entrepreneurial experience is a plus

Perks and Compensation

  • Competitive Terms
  • Traveling opportunities to relevant conferences and events
  • Freedom under responsibility
  • Unexpected career opportunities (we move fast!)


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