Picterus wins 1 million NOK in Angel Challenge Oslo Spring 2017

Congratulations to Picterus for winning the Angel Challenge Oslo spring 2017 finale! 

Picterus has developed an app that can diagnose jaundice in newborns, allowing parents to safely monitor jaundice from home.

Read the full article in Shifter (Norwegian) about Pictures and what they learned from being part of the program.  

The other finalists were: 

New Conversational Commerce! Your personal assistant delivering goods and services same-day via Facebook Messenger. We’ll make it when you can’t!

With 40% of labor costs being wasted in the construction industry. PushingTasks is changing the game.

World's first mobile sensor-driven automatic baby rocker.

Thank you to all the investors and startups for an amazing two months of building and sharing knowledge about startup investing together!

Knut WienComment