Join the first ever training program for impact investing in the Nordics

In February 2018, Angel Challenge and Katapult Accelerator are joining forces to create a first ever training hands on program for impact investing.

Together they are inviting investors to learn about impact investing and get access to 12 of the most promising impact & tech startups selected from all over the world. Investor tickets start from 100.000 NOK making it a money prize two times bigger than any of the previous Angel Challenges - over 2.000.000 NOK.

“The goal is to create an even stronger impact by not only accelerating startups, but also training and inspiring a group of investors to engage in investing in startups that are changing the world in a positive way, “ says Knut Wien, founding partner of Angel Challenge.  

“We seek for founders that want to make a positive impact. We believe in the strong power of founders and the disruptive forces of exponential mindset and technologies. This is a key driver for positive change. Our collaboration with Angel Challenge is a key step in making impact investing mainstream. There is no trade off between impact and financial returns. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.” says Anders H. Lier, chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator.

For the past two years over 240 investors have been exposed to over 250 startups at Angel Challenge. Through an extensive series of workshops they have learned about investing in startups, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Norway and acquired broader network. In 2018 they are planning new Angel Challenges all over Norway. The collaboration with Katapult Accelerator is the first step in scaling the program globally. 

Nordic Impact is a company that invests in startups based around technology with a mission to have a positive impact on society. They are behind the Katapult Accelerator program, launched on July 31st, 2017 in Oslo, Norway. Their focus is on technology startups that are working to solve real global problems for example with AI and blockchain.

On the 19th of February, Katapult is starting a second round of the program. During the three months startups will learn a lot about scaling, get access to unique network of investors, decision makers and mentors. At the same time investors will learn more about impact investing through a series of workshops with Angel Challenge.

Investor seats go on sale by the end of January! Learn more and register interest here at Angel Challenge.

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