Meet the founders: Kristil Håland


Kristil Håland

CEO & Founder
JodaCare AS


How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

I have a mother with Dementia, and I was the one taking care of her. When she got homecare and we spoke on the phone at night, she would sometimes tell me that there had been no visits that day and that she did not remember having dinner either. This worried me so much that I had to call the nurses working in homecare asking what was going on. It took them 30 minutes to stop the care, check the journals, talk to each other and call me back with information. This is the reason for JodaCare, we need a much better way of information flow between the professionals and the family caregivers.

What's your entrepreneurial history, or is this your first go at a startup?

I have started two companies before, one is still going strong, but without my ownership. The next startup was a failure, I had not enough knowledge on the topic of my business. JodaCare is my third startup and now I have learned about ownership and knowing your marked and customers :)

 The JodaCare team

The JodaCare team

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Tough question! I believe I would still be working with people and sales. Hopefully building another company :)

What are you REALLY into outside of building your company?

Being both a wife, mother, friend and daughter, all my time outside of building the company is used with my own crowd. I love spending time with my teenage kids, visiting my mother at her nursing home and traveling with my husband.


What have been the hardest part during the early stages of your startup?

The hardest part has been our technical issues, knowing that our users and customers love our product and that we have had troubles delivering a stable platform. Luckily our CTO did a fantastic job and fixed where our subcontractor failed.

What's the one thing you wouldn't manage without when starting your company?

My team! I could never ever do this without my team members and their compassion for our mission.

What drives you as an entrepreneur?

I want to make the world a better place by helping people make good relations through easy communication

What's your experience of fundraising and dealing with investors?

We have raised funds twice before and find that our product market fit is easy to explain. The investors are people too, many of them can relate to our story.

What do you look for in an investor?

I look for compassion for the people we deliver our product for, and I need investors with knowledge in scaling both nationally and internationally.

Why did you decide to apply for Angel Challenge?

I have heard good stories from other participants and wanted to get to know a larger group of investors. Also, we need knowledge on how to scale internationally.

What's the one thing you feel that you are better at than most other people?

I believe I am really good at keeping a focus on a lot of different topics at the same time!