Meet the founders: Roar Holte


Roar Holte

CEO, tester and solution specialist


How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

Actually, I was in the process of prototyping a fully electrical VTOL (flying car) back in 2012, based on Maglev technology and the Coanda effect. But as I came across many questions that needed answers, figuring out what components to use etc. I noticed that the real problem was finding the right people to ask, and the lack of information on the existing use of components.

Forums and communities nowadays usually go for 1 subject like electronics and electromechanics, what is needed is a combination of all main subjects combined.

The more I started working on this, the more solutions and ideas popped up, in what could be improved and optimised for each segment.

When I started the first (and 2.nd & 3.rd) iteration with a plain e-commerce site, a whole new world opened up for me with improvements around distribution and product handling.

So what you see today, is over 2000 days of brainstorming and finding the best of both worlds.

What's your entrepreneurial history, or is this your first go at a startup?

Hmm, back in 2005 while working as a Security Guard, I started a one-man company for Video Telephones based on SIP technology that was quite new at the time. Working night-shift etc. was not optimal, and the consumers were not a market at the time, so I closed it down after 2 years of testing the technology.

The first time I tried to patent something was a big fail. This was back in 2007, where I designed a 360 camera. The patent office called me 3 months later or so, and asked if I wanted to pay 900,- NOK for them to look in a library to see if this was patented before. As I was at work, and low on cash I told them No, frack it.

2 years later I saw on BBC someone that had made it :p ...and after that, it was adapted to the Google cars for 3D mapping.

I have lots of ideas written down, but I need to fix what I am working on now before anything.

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Working as a Test Manager in a large corporation and creating prototypes in my spare time.

What are you REALLY into outside of building your company?

Helping people see solutions, instead of problems.

What have been the hardest part during the early stages of your startup?

Overworked, almost got divorced.

 The Youblob team

The Youblob team

What's the one thing you wouldn't manage without when starting your company?

A server connected to the internet :p

What drives you as an entrepreneur?

I love creating and helping others.
...this time, however, I am the one that needs a helping hand, please be that person :)

What's your experience of fundraising and dealing with investors?

How to put it nicely, I would not be here if I didn't need the help.

What do you look for in an investor?

Technological driven, connected, business know-how.

Why did you decide to apply for Angel Challenge?

I was invited.

What's the one thing you feel that you are better at than most other people?

Pushing the Edge.