Meet the founders: Silje Tuxen Thingvoll

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Silje Tuxen Thingvoll



How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

We developed this solution because we needed the solution ourselves to our day to day work helping clients get rid of muscle and body pain.

What's your entrepreneurial history, or is this your first go at a startup?

We have both started our own private healthcare cliniques that are running successfully.

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

I would be working as a therapist doing 1-1 sessions and doing courses/speeches/lectures in healthcare/peak performance.

What are you REALLY into outside of building your company?

Biohacking the human potential.

What have been the hardest part during the early stages of your startup?

Patience and Murphy's law. Things take so much longer than expected and if anything can go wrong, it will.

 The TuxenMethod team

The TuxenMethod team

What's the one thing you wouldn't manage without when starting your company?

My sister and family and many long walks in nature with my dog.

What drives you as an entrepreneur?

The growth and personal development and being able to contribute to the world at a larger scale.

What's your experience of fundraising and dealing with investors?

Never done it before and therefore I am very grateful to learn through the Angel Challenge program.

What do you look for in an investor?

Understanding our mission and input/help/coaching on how to achieve our goals. Basically, a team member who understands the business side and wants to maximise our potential.

Why did you decide to apply for Angel Challenge?

It was a no-brainer. We are now at the stage where we need investors to expand and the Angel Challenge program is the perfect arena to start from.

What's the one thing you feel that you are better at than most other people?

Understanding the human body & mind and its ability to self-heal and perform at its peak potential.