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Meet our new lead investor

We are excited to announce that Nordic Impact together with Anders H. Lier and Ida Faldbakken are going to be the lead investors in our newest Angel Challenge Impact Investing program.

Ida Faldbakken is partner at Nordic Impact, and co-founder of Katapult Future Fest. Prior to that she co-founded Girls Code or Jenter koder, Norway Makers, and the Music tech initiative Mashup.

"There is a rising movement of start-ups and investors that are looking for profitable ventures that solves real problems in the world, hence the strong market for socially and environmentally conscious products now. The public is demanding a change and the markets are following, but we still have a long way ahead of us. I think we need to dare to talk more about doing good and making profit in the same sentence. That’s why I believe this Angel Challenge is so important, to be part of training people in the shift and driving a change," says Faldbakken.  

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Anders is Executive Chairman of Nordic Impact and has a long track record for commercializing technology in international environments, recently as President & CEO of smart energy company Enoro.

He invests in the early-stage technology startups with a positive impact on society and environment. Nordic Impact has made 50+ early stage tech startups investments over the last years.

“There is no trade off between impact and financial returns, when it comes to impact investing. It is the opposite - a strong correlation. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.” says Lier.

Angel Challenge + Katapult Accelerator

For the past two years Angel Challenge has trained over 254 investors all over Norway on how to invest in startups. Collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Katapult Accelerator is our first step in expanding the program globally.

From 27th of February and till 14th of May 20 investors will not only learn how to invest in startups, but also how to succeed at impact investing.

Investors will gain access to a unique network, learn about the startup ecosystem and methods to evaluate with startups.

In addition to 4 lectures, investors will participate in 4 workshops and work closely with 12 impact startups from all over the world. These startups have been hand picked after receiving thousands of applications and have battled their way through tough competition.

The day program ends, the investors will entrust their first investment to several startups.

What is Impact Investing?

Investing in purpose-driven companies has exploded in recent years in the Nordics and the world. Investors want to make a positive societal and/or environmental impact with their investments, and gain financial returns.

The 2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), which will be published in the middle of May, puts the size of the market at 113.7billion of USD.

Angel Challenge is collaborating with the prestigious Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at University of Zurich. It is the world's first university unit focused on the intersection of sustainable finance and private wealth initiated by Dr. Falko Paetzold.

Details about the program:

Investor tickets start from 50.000 NOK making it a total money prize over 1.000.000 NOK.

You can read more about the program here.

There are still few investor spots available. Follow this link to register your interest.

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