Bergen Startups - Gain a one million NOK investment!

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funding, network and great business advice?

Apply for Angel Challenge! The deadline is just around the corner and we have under 20 spots available.

What is Angel Challenge?

Angel Challenge is a startup investing education program running this spring in Bergen. 20 investors meet 20 local startups and work closely together on developing there investment readiness, performing due diligence and learning the key processes of startup investing.

The aim is to select top five companies and invest 1 million NOK in the most promising case.

What do you gain as an entrepreneur?

It is the 3rd time we are running this program in Bergen. We have learned a lot and have adjusted the program accordingly. Changes this year is a new curriculum and new speakers.

In addition, to that we are adding three more days where startups get advice on how to form an investment round, communicate with investors and secure funding. You will learn about what investors are in search for, broaden your network and get more visibility in the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

One startup will get the 1 million NOK at the finale. However, all the 5 finalist will have a spot at the world class event Startup Extreme 2018 to pitch their idea and gain unexpected fundings on the way.

What do startups say?

Stine Andreassen joined the program in Bergen in 2017 with her startup WA. They did not win the Angel Challenge, but ended up with getting 2 million NOK.

“The trust and relations we built up through the Angel Challenge led to that four investors from the program invested in us right after. We in WA strongly recommend Angel Challenge. It is useful as a course, a competition and a tool to build network,” says Andreassen.

Last year Gudmundur Ebenezer won 1 million NOK at Angel Challenge. His company LifeKeys is a online health service providing therapy through videoconferencing.

One year later Lifekeys is still going strong.

“We learned a lot through the program, and are now focusing further on targeting new customer bases primarily in business to business”, says Ebenezer.

What is our mission?

We believe that an active and visible investment community is a vital part of a strong startup ecosystem.

Through our programs we teach and encourage more investors to get involved in the startup community. At the same time we connect and give the necessary push to startups who want to go further with their ideas and are looking for funding.

By activating angel investors we aim to create a stronger startup scene and help lay the stepping stones for new successful entrepreneurial stories from our community.

Learn more and apply here:

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day One - Bergen - Image copyright Dan Taylor-
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