AC Bergen program begins: Meet the startups



We kicked off our 2018 Bergen program with a bang a few weeks ago. Members of the Angel Challenge team travelled up to the city on the fjords to meet with our startups & investors for the first scheduled workshop. 

 Matthew leading the discussion in Bergen

Matthew leading the discussion in Bergen

Investors and startups came together to experience the program simultaneously.  Investors had their Angel Challenge program debut with an introduction to investing workshop. The program leader - Matthew - gave an overview of the investment industry & let the investors know what to look out for in the pitches.

The Startups then had an opportunity to pitch for the first time and captivate the investors' attention with their approaches to business. 

The first workshop was held at the innovative Bergen's Technology Transfer Office, most widely known as BTO. Their incubator Nyskapingsparken guides start-up companies to help them grow in a faster and safer way. We love to collaborate with businesses who share our goals; they are not hard to find in Bergen. Thanks to our collaborative partners - BTO for lending us the space. 

Investors & startups learnt the basics in their How to Invest/Receive Investment session. Matthew has a background in startups & as an investor. He is able to give advice and draw from his own experiences in the entrepreneurial and investment sectors. A joint lesson which included both startups & investors allowed the participants to learn together & gave them a chance to get to know one another better. 


Thank you to Monika Inde Zsak, CEO of BKK Grønn InVest, who was invited as our guest speaker.  Monika is best placed to give advice on the investment process. BKK invests in new technology and disruptive business startups for the energy industry. She has immersed herself in the investment scene & her lecture displays this.

Her advice to those looking for success is to seek advice but trust in yourself and she notes that doing your best is rarely regrettable.

We have developed programs throughout Norway's regions to bring the Startup communities from all over the country together. We are lucky here in Norway, we have brilliant entrepreneurs with even more brilliant business ideas and an avid investor network who are willing to invest in the right startups. At Angel Challenge, we aim to bring these elements together and provide an educational footing, to help create a sustainable startup ecosystem.

We wish the startups and investors the best of luck on their educational journey through the program. Below is a brief introduction to our startups. 

Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the Bergen program. 




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