Taking on our biggest challenge yet… 


4 programs in 4 cities at the same time! 

We started Angel Challenge in 2015 to cultivate the ecosystem by engaging new investors and empowering more startups. Little did we know that 3 years later we would have a company of 14 amazing Challengers working day and night to build and deliver the next wave of Angel Challenge Program to the ecosystem this fall. 

… delivering 4 programs at the same time, in 4 different cities! 


From October through December 2018 we will deliver 4 programs in Stavanger, Trondheim, Bodø and Oslo. All starting the first week of October, and finishing the second week of December. 
- Read all about the programs on our webpage.


This might be (and feels) a little crazy, but we have never been this ready! Previously we have spread the programs through the year to avoid overlap, but this time we are testing the exact opposite. We are combining all the forces from our team to prepare, then deliver our biggest challenge yet. THANK YOU TEAM, much more could be written here :) 

An opportunity to innovate more…

As described in our previous post, we have completely redesigned the Angel Challenge program based on all our learnings from the last 3 years. And with these changes come new opportunities for all participants as well as the greater Angel Challenge community. 


Shared deal-flow between cities
Since the programs are happening in parallel, it is possible to create common arenas through the program where all participants from the different cities get to know each-other and learn about the investment opportunities that are created. (Maybe we can even fire up some of that competitive instinct between the cities :) 


Connecting the investor-networks between the cities
As with the sharing of deal-flow, we also aim to create both online and physical arenas for the investors to network and build relationships. And because the programs are all finishing at the same time, we will make a grand finale day at the end of all the programs.  


A Grand Finale for all participants
We love to create memorable and impactful events and we truly believe in the impact that an inspiring event can create on the startup ecosystem. (I hope anyone who has attended one of our other ventures Startup Extreme would agree too) 

So when we have 80 new investor friends, and 80 new startup friends to honour from the 4 programs in the fall, we can't wait to create an inspiring and empowering event for all participants and the greater Angel Challenge community.

The event will be on January 15th-16th 2019 in Oslo. We will of course keep you posted :-D


Engaging the Angel Challenge investor community
Over the years we have trained more than 330 investors through our programs, many of which are still actively working as startup investors. They have always been asking us to create arenas and activities for them to engage in the ecosystem and connect to new deal-flow & new investors. 

In the new program, this request is being considered in the program design, and at the end of the program we empower the investor-ready startups to reach out to the broader network and connect with the wider community of Angel Challenge investors. Culminating the Grand Finale for all participants, with a view to make many impactful investments happen in the new industry leaders of tomorrow. 

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