Meet the finalist startups of the Impact Program


Impact has been an exciting program for investors and startups - dedicated to learning more about Impact investing internationally. Based in one of the world's leading countries for both corporate and government impact-led innovation; Norway.

This program has differed slightly to all programs we have run previously - this time, there won't be a single winner. Investors had exclusive access to 12 of the most promising startups from around the world (chosen from a list of 800+). Investors have been given the opportunity to watch them develop and grow over a 12-week program. Big thanks to our partners, Katapult Accelerator who have worked closely with us to make this program unique. Our investors have learned about impact investing from a leading Impact focused accelerator program and now they have the option to invest in any of the three leading startup candidates: State of Place, Oizom and RxAll. 

Usually, there is a crowned winner of an Angel Challenge program but this time all startups have the potential to receive investments from the Angel Challenge Investor Network.  The three leading startups get more face time with the investors during the program and any potential investments will be secured on 2nd May. Will there be investment in one, two or all of the leading startups? The decision is down to our investors. 

After the final workshop, Katapult will host a Demo Day (14th May) where the remaining 9 startups who were not selected to move forward in the process have the chance to discuss future investments with the AC Network and all startups have the opportunity to present. Some startups caught the eye of our investors but didn't make it to the final three, now they will get the chance to meet again! Startups & investors have the opportunity to make investments happen outside of the program. Our goal is to make investments happen and we don't want to limit this to within the confines of the program. 

Angel Challenge provides a platform for startups and investors to be educated; bringing people from the startup ecosystem together is also one of our main focuses. Education is so important when it comes to having your startup succeed or making sensible investment choices but once you've gone through the program and are a fully fledged expert, we want participants to be able to put their knowledge into practice. We place a lot of emphasis on matchmaking and putting the right people in touch so that the education & networking experience from the program can be used to help contribute towards a sustainable startup ecosystem. You're not only receiving an educational footing, you're also gaining a relevant network. 


"How to invest in Startups"
Angel Challenge is the leading Norwegian startup investor education program for anyone wanting to learn more about how to invest in startups. This knowledge is shared throughout the program & tailored specifically to impact investing. 


Meet investors and startups: 
Both events are invite-only with guests from the startup and investment community in Oslo and the wider country. Who will be there?

  • All participants from the Angel Challenge program, Investors, and Startups
  • Angel Challenge Alumni Investors 
  • A group of investor-ready startups
  • Industry-leading experts and partners
  • Investors curious about Startup Investing

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Meet The Finalist Startups

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 09.15.38.png

State of Place (SOP) is an
urban data analytics platform to help placemakers identify and economically justify urban design, planning, and development projects that create thriving places people enjoy. SOP collect about 280 on-the-ground features about the built environment - including the nuts
and bolts of streets, like sidewalks, crosswalks, and street width, to the softer elements like facades, benches and trees which ultimately create the State of Place Index. The Index, which ranges from 0 to 100, is broken up into subindices that capture the urban design dimensions empirically to walkability and quality of place.

 Oizom is an Environmental Solution Company. Through strategic installations, Oizom develops a dense data-grid of networked instruments which helps us understand air pollution and climate change. The monitoring allows for spotting and resolving the sources of pollution. Oizom Big-data is the key to accurate forecasting & change analysis of environmental conditions. Oizom artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms identify unique patterns in ecological dynamics and provide accurate forecasting and predictions through machine learning.

 RxAll is an AI pharmacy platform for pharma authentication, distribution and primary care through which patients and pharmacies in Africa order authenticated medicines and receive tele-pharma primary care. RxAll is an Internet and Big Data startup. Their platform uses a molecular sensor device & a cloud database of spectral signatures of medicines to carry out non-destructive product authentication before pharmacy order fulfilment. They are expanding their business in Africa- currently operational in Nigeria, Kenya and Singapore. Users will find RxAll's technology unique as it aims to assure the quality of medicines delivered to patients in growth countries.