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Angel Challenge DealFlow Program

Investors invest in startup they know. So lets get to know more startups, together...


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Angel Challenge DealFlow Program

Angel Challenge DealFlow program is a hands-on program for investors to identify and invest in exciting new startups. During 6 months of regular evening sessions, the10-20 investors work together looking for startups that can be investable now or within the next 6-12 months.

By constantly searching for new deal flow and building relationships over time, the investors work together months after months to find investable companies and eventually invest together. 



"Build your DealFlow with the Angel Challenge Network, in your region, nationally and nordic." 



Join an active investor group
To be an angel investor you need startups to invest in, but where do you get access to interesting deals? It is all about being present in the startup ecosystem and getting to know the upcoming startups. In this program, we will travel around in the startup community and get presentations from startups from the local hubs, partners and programs. We will also link the Angel Challenge activities from all over Norway together by sharing dealflow and investor relations. 

Together we will discuss the startups and identify the diamonds in the rough. We will work together as a group to cover more startups than we are able to on our own. And when we identify investment opportunities, we will encourage investing as a syndicate to reduce risk and increase diversification. 

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Never stop your deal flow
New startups are created every day, and investors should get to know and guide them before they need the money. By constantly searching for new dealflow and building relationships over time, the investors work together an evening every month to find investable companies and invest together. 

Meet new startups before they need money.
Investors should meet the startups long before they are looking for money. That way you have seen them created value over time before you invest, and you can give good advice early to help the startups take the right turns from the beginning. 

Investments from 0,5 to 10 Million NOK
In the AC DealFlow program, every startup in their early stages are invited to pitch the investors. The ask can be anything from 0,5 to 10 Million NOK with valuations thereafter. 

Every deal is unique, with no pre-sett terms or valuation
In this program, there are no pre-sett investment terms. Every startup is invited to present their needs, terms and conditions, and the investors are free to bargain. This are real-life investing. 

Requirements for joining

  • Has at least 100 000 NOK to syndicate startup investing for next 6 months
  • Pay participation fee of 15 000 NOK eks.mva. pr 6 months
  • Take part in many of the monthly workshops
  • Want to openly share early stage dealflow with the group
  • Minimum level of Angel Investing experience. (AC Alumni or similar)
  • (Angel Challenge Alumni gets first priority)
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  • 3 hour evening meetings every 3-4 weeks
  • Visiting different venues and partners in the local startup community
  • Deal flow from Oslo and Bergen
  • 3 lectures on investing and dealflow
  • Coordinate meetings with relevant external events


1:  Presentation of new cases

Pitches and presentations from new startups. 
Evaluation and Q&A. Investor indicate interest and give homework. 

2: Startup follow up session
From session to session a few startups will be called back for an updated presentation or Q&A based on homework from before. 

3: Investor roundtable
Compare notes and discuss the startups.
Decide on follow up activities and homework assignments to new startups
Agree on lead investors for interesting cases

4: Talk of the town
Investors present news about interesting startups they have heard about. 




AC Stavanger DealFlow Program
- By Innovation Dock


Join10-20 other Stavanger based investors meeting up regularly to discuss and screen startups from the region and from the national Angel Challenge community. 

Program Manager
Hanne Rentsch Ersdal

Coordinator @ Innovation Dock
Nils-Henrik Stokke
+47 40451984


8. nov - Meet the investors

28. nov - Meet the startups 


- Want a program in your region? Let us know at knut@angelchallenge.com