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Angel Challenge FinTech

The Angel Challenge Fintech program in collaboration with TheFactory aims to train the future generation of investors willing to take the lead in the Fintech revolution now occurring in Norway.



The Best Accelerator Program 2016 - Angel Challenge - and the Best Accelerator Program 2017 - TheFactory - have joined forces to create the first ever training program for fintech investing in the Nordics.

We invite investors to learn about financial investing from the leading Fintech focussed accelerator program, TheFactory, and the top-class Investor education program, Angel Challenge. 

The Angel Challenge Investor education program will run in parallel with the Fintech Spring 2018 program created in partnership with TheFactory.

About the Factory

TheFactory is a leading Nordic startup accelerator and incubator based in Oslo, Norway, mainly focused on Fintech. It was recogized as the Best Norwegian Accelerator Program 2017 by the Nordic Startup Awards. 

Since starting its first class, Fall of 2016, TheFactory has accelerated 27 companies and invested into 13 of them. Most of their alumni startups have secured corporate partnerships and raised follow-on funding.



A new revolution is under way. One that promises to make finance more secure and affordable for customers and taxpayers.

From payments to insurance, from private lending to crowdfunding, a new generation of startups is disrputing the financial service industry — which Goldman Sachs estimates is worth $4.7 trillion in revenues.

Like other disrupters, “FinTech” companies are growing fast and they have attracted $ 8,6 billion of global investment in the third quarter of 2017 alone. Making it the fifth highest on record for VC investment in fintech companies, according to KPMG.

"The future of financial services is bright" Gregory Weber, Market analyst, PwC Luxembourg


What will investors do?

By joining this program you will learn FinTech startup investing by doing it. Investors will be guided through a series of lectures, curriculum and workshops on FinTech investing in order to understand the financial industry, the underlying technologies utilised by the market players - blockchain, criptocurrency or ICO among other – and the necessary tools to screen and evaluate the startups.

Next to the curriculum, Investors will gain exclusive access to the finalist startups participating in the Factory’s spring program 2018, chosen from a list of 170 international startups.  You will work closely with top Fintech startups and apply your newly learnt skills during the first part of the program, then, as an investor group, negotiate and close your first Fintech investment.

The program consist of 7 evening workshops in Oslo over a period of 2 months. (1 night, between 4-9pm, every week or 2)

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20 investors


7 evenings 


5 fintech startups

What will investors gain?

LEARN how to see the early signs of success, how to address due diligence in this sector and how to understand the risk profile of these companies. 

UNDERSTAND the financial industry and latest technology trends 

NETWORK of relevant investors with interest in the industry as well as exciting founders,

INVEST in top Fintech initiatives and take part in the Norwegian Fintech revolution

Who can participate as an investor?

Want to gain experience and insights into FinTech investing in startups

 Has min 50 000 NOK to invest, and more in the future

 Want to gain access to early stage FinTech startups

 Available to participate in the planned program activities


Start: 3rd April 2018

End: 31st May 2018

All activities are in Oslo, Norway



Tues  3  Apr 15:00 - 21:00    Industry Introduction - Learn about the industry and enabling technologies, mechanics, processes and tips from Nordic Super Angels                

Thur  5  Apr   15:00 - 21:00    TheFactory Pitch & Selection night - Demo day to present the participating startups

Thur 12  Apr 15:00 - 21:00    Screening & Evaluating - How to look at Fintech startups, understand KPI and measure impact

Thur  26 Apr  15:00 -21:00    Fintech Diligence & Verification - The importance of Fintech DD checklist and how to deal terms and negotiations. 



Tues  8 May   15:30 - 21:00    Workshop 1 -  Mentoring/Working with the Startups

Tues  22 May 15:30 - 21:00    Workshop 2 - Presentation of Investment Case

Thur  31 May 15:30 - 21:00     Investment Decision Announced 




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