Congratulations to Gard Moe and Aristeia on winning the Angel Challenge Health Program 2018!


Aristeia is developing a new emergency tourniquet for use in military and civilian trauma care. This new innovation will enable first responders to save lives safely and reliably. 1 mill NOK will go to developing the product further, IP and other regulatory verifications.

Learn how to invest in health startups

Norway Health Tech and Angel Challenge joined forces to create a tailored program for investors wanting to learn how to invest in Health Startup companies.

This was a special edition Angel Challenge program tailored for Health Startups and Investors wanting to learn about investing in the health-sector. 

Angel Challenge health:

Organized by Norway Health Tech and Angel Challenge

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STARTUPS IN THE PROGRAM - Meet the 5 finalist startups in the program:

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Independence Gear seeks out to provide humans with reduced mobility the gear they need to live a worthy and independent life.

Carl Christian Sole Semb - carl@dignum.no


Antimicrobial resistance will kill millions annually by 2050. We make fast, affordable and intuitive diagnostic testsfor resistant bacteria to prevent that.

Torleif Tollefsrud Gjølberg- torleifgj@gmail.com

ARISTEIA  - Tourniquet system

Extremity injuries are prevalent in all conflicts and mass casualty events. By introducing a new intuitive tourniquet Aristeia will enable firstresponders to save lives safely and reliably.

Gard Moe - gard.moe@aristeia.no

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We develop cognitive training tools to help children and adolescents striving
with mental health issues to a better life. 

Charlotte Lunde - charlottelunde@me.com

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For the typical medicine user, who lacks info about correct medicines use, Depicto™ is the drug reference that speaks the user’s language.

Eirik Torheim - eirik@depict.no


The health sector has a strong foothold in Norway with many exciting companies developing from the highly educated community of medical professionals.

Investing in health companies can be a very rewarding experience, both economically and personally. However, investments in this sector is proven to have a different risk profile than many other sectors due to the strict quality assurance processes and often high capital needs.

By joining the Angel Challenge Health Investments Program you get to work closely together with up to 20 other investors for 5 months, learning Health startup-investing by doing it.
You will amongst other things learn how to see the early signs of success, how to address due diligence in this sector and how to understand the risk profile of these companies. 

The program consists of 9 evening workshops in Oslo over a period of 5 months from October 2017 to February 2018. 



Angel Challenge Health is a workshop based program for Startup Investors and Health Startups. During 9 evening sessions, 20 angel investors work closely together analyzing 20 investor-ready startups that are competing for an investment of 1 million NOK, whilst learning the mechanics and possibilities of investing in the health sector.

The participating investors set aside 50 000 NOK each upon entering the Program. During the program they work together in groups, selecting and helping 5 finalist startups become a winning investment case, before voting for a single winner at the finale day in the end of the program.

What will Investors do?

During 9 evening sessions, investors will build relationships, learn best practises from experts in the health sector, manage the due diligence process of health companies and close an investment together. 

What will Investors gain?

  • Built a trusted relationship with 20 other investors
  • Learn how to screen investment cases in the health sector
  • Learn to invest for success in the health sector 
  • Get to invest 50 000 NOK in the winning startup

Program format: 

  • 20 investors and 20 startups meet
  • A 5 month program with 1 workshop every third week 
  • 1 startup receives a 1 million NOK investment

Investor participation criteria

  • Want to learn about startup investing in health
  • Want to gain access to early stage startups in health
  • 50 000 NOK to invest, and more in the future 
  • Pay participation fee of NOK 15 000,- eks.mva.  

Startup participation criteria

  • Dedicated team (Based in Norway)
  • Available to participate in all program activities in Oslo



The program will run about every third week from  Thu. Oct.12 2017
to Wed. Feb. 14th 2018. 
Location will be different venues in the Oslo Area together with our partners. 

Please use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.





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