Angel Challenge is a workshop based program for angel investors and startups. For several evenings, twenty angel investors work together on investor analysis of a handful promising startups. The startups are competing for their trust and final investment of more than 1 million NOK.

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20 Startups and 20 Investors come together to Build Competence & Deal Investments

 - and invest at least 1 million* NOK

Imagine discussing angel investing and company building with more than 40 people that are either knowledgable business people with capital to invest, or passionate founders with the will to build successful companies. This is what Angel Challenge is all about! 

The goal is to build competence through lectures and workshops, share knowledge through insightful discussions, and build network among all the participants. 

And yes, there will be an investment in the end. One worthy startup will receive the 1 million* NOK.
But just as interesting, there is no limit to the amount of side-investments that can happen in an environment like this!  


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Take part in the next Angel Challenge together with 20 other investors and 20 startups to learn angel investing by doing it. 

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