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“There is no trade off between impact and financial returns. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.” 

- Anders H. Lier, chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator.




Join a trusted network of Angel Investors, and gain the tools needed to become a top class impact investor. 

The Angel Challenge Investor education program will run in parallel with Batch 2 of the internationally acclaimed Katapult Accelerator program for two months. 

What will Investors do?
During nine weekly evening sessions, you will learn how to screen, evaluate and perform due diligence on startup companies. Investors will be guided through a series of lectures and curriculum on impact investing. From best practise investment processes, to understanding the underlying technologies (blockchain, AI, IoT) that are enabling for a more effective and measurable impact. All while working with top startups, with the aim of selecting 1 to invest in at the end of the program.

What will Investors gain?
New relationships and a local network of investors, meet exciting founders, and gain first-hand practical tools and processes for investing in impact businesses. An understanding of the industry and invest in startups with a vision for both great financial returns and making a difference. 

- For a stronger startup ecosystems, and startups that build the world for the better.

Be part of a growing network of impact investors in the Nordics

Katapult Accelerator and Angel Challenge have joined forces to create the first ever training program for impact investing in the Nordics.

We invite investors to learn about impact investing from a leading Impact focussed accelerator program created by Katapult, based in one of the world´s leading countries for both corporate and government impact-led innovation; Norway. Investors will gain exclusive access to 12 of the most promising startups from around the world (chosen from a list of 800+), and watch them develop and grow over a 12-week period program. 


  • 20 investors and 12 startups from Katapult Accelerator
  • 2 Months, 9 evening workshops and seminars
  • 1-5 startups will receive the Angel Challenge investment

Investor participation criteria

  • Want to meet other investors and learn about impact investing
  • Want to build a trusted network of other investors & startups
  • Wan to invest in Katapult Accelerator Startups, and more in the future 

Time and Place

  • Start: February 27th
  • End:  May 14th
  • Mostly evening seminars and sessions (4-9pm)
  • All activities are in Oslo, Norway



Start: Tues 27th February
End: Mon 14th May

Stage 1 - COURSE CURRICULUM (20hrs+)

Investors will develop a thorough understanding of the industry and gain a toolbox for analysing and investing in impact-led startups.

Tues  27  Feb 15:00 - 17:00    Industry Introduction - Learn about the industry and enabling technologies (IoT, AI...)

       17:00 - 23:00   Katapult Launch Night - Meet the 12 Startups from Batch 2, chosen from 800+ applicants

Tues  6  Mar   16:00 - 21:00    Introduction to Angel Investing - Mechanics, Processes and tips from Nordic Super Angels

Tues 13  Mar  16:00 - 21:00    Screening & Evaluating - Impact Startups

Tues  20 Mar  12:00 -16:00    Meeting the Startups - Startups pitch and update on their development


Stage 2 - PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS (20hrs+)

Investors will work with the startups in a series of practical workshops applying the knowledge they have just learned to gain an informed opinion, narrowing down the 12, to 6, to 3, and finally selecting 1 company at Demo Day at FutureFest to invest in.

Tues  3  Apr   16:00 - 21:00    Workshop 1 -  Screening the Startups

Tues  10  Apr 16:00 - 21:00    Workshop 2 - Selecting Startups

Tues  24  Apr 16:00 - 21:00    Workshop 3 - Reviewing Investment Cases

Wed  2  May 16:00 - 21:00   Workshop 4 - Presentation on Investment Case, Round Table Discussion


Mon  14th  May  16:00 - 21:00  Demo Day 3 - Startups present at Future Fest

What is impact investing?
"Investments made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside financial returns." - THE GIIN

- Knut Wien, founding partner of Angel Challenge.  

-  Anders H. Lier, chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator.

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“There is no trade off between impact and financial returns. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.”
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 “Since 2015 we have engaged and trained more than 250 new Norwegian investors to invest in startups. We are now working with Katapult to learn the technical details about impact investing, as we believe investors can make true change by investing in startups with the right values and dreams" 


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