In order to participate in an Angel Challenge™ Program, the Angel Investor has to enter into this Investor Participant Agreement which describes the tasks, duties, rights and obligations of the Angel Investor and Angel Challenge AS.


Main points from the agreement: 

  • Agreeing to Annex 1 and 2 and Program Rules and Description
  • Participation fee is NOK 10 000,- eks.mva (AC Health is NOK 15 000,- eks.mva.) 
  • Investment amount of NOK 50 000,- to be transferred before program starts

By singing this agreement, the investor acknowledges that this signature also represents the signing of•Annex 1, the Angel Challenge™ Non-Disclosure Undertaking (see below), and agrees in principle to the terms laid out in the •Annex 2, the Angel Challenge™ Convertible Loan Agreement (see below). 


If you are joining the special edition health program - sign this version of the contract. 


Annex 1 -

non-disclosure undertaking

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Annex 2 - 

convertible loan agreement 

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