Angel Challenge Oslo - Fall 2016

Angel Challenge Oslo is starting again in October. 

We kick of the program with 20 Startups and 20 investors in October and keep going until a winner of a 1 million NOK investment is selected at the Finale in December. 

Application deadline for Startups: September 29th- Apply here

Apply as investor: Investors can apply until the program starts in October. The program is already filling up, so apply early.  Apply here


Angel Challenge Stavanger

Angel Challenge Stavanger finished October 6th.

SmartPlants wins 1.3 Million NOK! - Read the blog


The next Angel Challenge stavanger is planned in August 2017 - Sign up your interest here. 
Startups can also apply to meet and pitch the Stavanger Angel Challenge Alumni group. Send an email to with your interest to pitch. 


Angel Challenge Trondheim

Angel Challenge Trondheim is coming up in September. We kick of the program September 15th with 20 Startups and 20 investors, and keep going until a winner of a 1 million NOK investment is selected at the Finale November 10th. 

Startup Application deadline: Wednesday September 7th - Apply here

Apply as investor: Investors can apply until September 15th or until the investor group is full - Apply here


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Angel Challenge Bergen

Angel Challenge Bergen started in April. 
20 investors and 20 startups have connected and learned about Startup Investing together. 

Next up is the Angel Challenge Bergen Finale - June 15th from 1600-1900



What will Investors do?

10 startups are selected to take part in a evening workshop and receive mentoring on their business strategy and investor readiness from 10 angel investors.

What will Investors Gain?

Connect with local angel investors, and share insights on your approach to startup screening - and build relationships with great founders before they are a success. 

Why Apply?

Meet like-minded angel investors and work together on evaluating and helping new innovators. Be the first to identify the next trends and rockstar founders.