We believe success is created when investors and founders brew magic together

Welcome to Angel Challenge™, where investors and founders become startup investing experts together




A startup investment program for investors and startups





Angel Challenge is a workshop based program for investors and startups to learn startup investing by doing it. During eight evening sessions, 20 angel investors work closely together analysing 20 investor-ready startups that are competing for an investment of 1 million NOK


Once a month, investors from the Angel Challenge alumni and friends join us for an investor breakfast. Its an opportunity to meet new investors and co-invest syndicate deals from Startups that are pitching. If you are looking for co-investors to finish a round, get the startup to apply here!


The different Alumni communities in most cities organise in Alumni groups that meet are regular basis to discuss startup deals and generate dealflow. We have Lauch Parties before most programs, and every year in June we organize Startup Extreme, the invite only tree day summit where where the World meets the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem... 


What if you could help create the next
startup success story?  

Startup Investing is about giving back to new companies with your knowledge, network and capital to support the companies in their quest for greatness.
When you invest in a startup you give the next generation entrepreneurs the opportunity to create the future success. 

The knowledge og how to build a business is best to be shared, that way the entire ecosystem bennefits. 

Join the Angel Challenge investment community, and give back to
new companies with your knowledge, network and capital.  



"The Angel Challenge program is not just an opportunity to win 1 MNOK - it is a great opportunity to get mentoring, increase your network and learn investments through the investors perspective." 


"Through the Angel Challenge program you learn how the investors think and how you can better communicate what your startup do as well as why that should be interesting for an investor."

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Engaging new Investors

Empowering more Startups

We believe that an active and visible investment community is a vital part of a strong startup ecosystem. By activating more angel investors, making the investments more visible, and making more startups investable, we aim to create a stronger startup scene and help lay the stepping stones for new successful entrepreneurial stories from our community.


Attract investors to your startup

Do you know what it takes to attract investors to your startup? Even if you do you should always seek more knowledge, feedback, mentoring and support from investors and partners that want to help.

But whatever your skills are, we challenge you to come present your investment-case at one of the many events and programs in the community tailored to startups in stages from just started to series A. 


Learn best practice on startup investing from world class speakers and experts 

Through all Angel Challenge programs and community activities, world class speakers and experienced investors are invited inn to share their stories and best practises on startup investing.

An art, not a science
Investing in startups is not like investing on the stock market where numbers and mathematical equations can help you succeed. This is about the people, the market opportunity, and the believe that what the the founders do can truly change the market. 

Join the community to learn the art of startup investing from world class experts. 

We are inviting in speakers from all over the world, on video or flying them in to share their knowledge and skills so you dont have to do the same mistakes again and again. 


Its all about the people

Startup investing is about believing in people and giving them a chance to succeed with their ideas and dreams for a future business case. 

As a founder you have to be the one the investors want to invest in. Are you the one? Will you be able to convince an investor to sett aside some of their hard earned cash to give you the capital and time to follow your passion? 

Its a long term dating game
If you believe you will need investors to your startup now or in the future, then it is time to start building investor relations as soon as possible. You are usually ready to talk to investors long before you think, though you dont have to ask for money all the time ;)


Be where the value creation happens

And do you know where the future is taking us? Many believe the startups might know.
Investors get a great insight into future business trends and opportunities by being at the front of the line for new value creation. 

Join as a corporate partner: 
We collaborate with corporate partners from all over Norway that want to join the startup ecosystem, learn about corporate startup investing, and network with investors and startups. 

Our partners are also active participants in creating, delivering and promoting all Angel Challenge activities. Thank you for backing and supporting our goal of building an active startup investing community in Norway!